I sometimes wonder to myself ‘why am I alone? Why does no one like me’ then I remember
I’m ugly
I’m boring
I’m addicted to the internet
I’m an idiot
I’m annoying
I don’t like outside
I don’t like people
I overeat
I’m usually stressed
I complain a Lot
I don’t like my family
But you know what then I realise why should I think of myself like this to the right people I’m
Always there when they need
So what I make mistakes I’m annoying and I usually do things without thinking
But one day I’m gonna meet that person who doesn’t care that person that
loves that I’m annoying
Thinks I’m beautiful
Thinks I’m exciting
Is also addicted to the internet
Doesn’t care how smart I am
Loves that I’m annoying thinks it’s cute
Won’t care if I don’t go outside they’ll happy stay inside with me forever
Doesn’t care if I don’t like people as long as we’re together
Can eat me under the table and then some
Will be able to say exactly the right thing to unstress me
Will sit and listen to every compliant I have
Will be MY family

That’s what I’m waiting for that man that’s all I need anything along the road is just a bump and I can deal with that because he’s waiting at the other side